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Custom Machined Teflon™ PTFE Parts - Our Specialty

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Today's designers & engineers are confronted with a bewildering choice of grades of plastics and methods of processing. With such variety, every choice involves a compromise.

At APT, we understand the effects processing has on the typical properties of high performance fluoropolymers and engineering plastics.  Our experience and technical knowledge allows us to assist you with choosing a material that meets your requirements & operating environment.

APT's engineers can provide material specific technical information including:

  • Tensile Strength & Elongation
  • Specific Gravity
  • Thermal Expansion
  • Wear and Friction


Design & Technical Assistance:

APT engineers work with SolidWorks and AutoCAD LT
We can help take your concept to a production ready design using 2D & 3D CAD tools. APT engineers work with both AutoCAD® and SolidWorks® native formats, and we can import many file types including DXF, IGS, STEP & others.

For the fastest response to your RFQs, please use our "Request A Quote" form or email us your fully dimensioned 2D drawings as PDF (preferred) or DWG files.  The more we know about your part and its end use will help us provide an accurate quote.  Be sure to let us know the quantity - whether just one or many.

For more complex projects involving several design iterations, we are happy to work with you under an R&D purchase order.

We can assist you with special filled, reinforced polymers including Teflon PTFE compounds, Modified PTFE compounds, PCTFE and other engineering plastics.

Mechanical properties testing is performed for APT by an independent outside lab. APT molds and prepares test samples or test stock to best represent the material as would be during part production.

Example Custom Assembly: Substrate Dipper, Virgin Grade PTFE

Below is an example of an assembly that started as a university researcher's concept.  APT is happy to work with you to discuss a rough design or concept.  We often suggest modifications or alternate approaches to best suit our manufacturing process. 

Teflon PTFE Assemblies from design concept to completion

All of the components of the above assembly were machined from Virgin Grade PTFE.


Call us today at (800) 752-7082 to discuss your made-to-order part or assembly.  Use our "Request A Quote" form to present your inquiry details. Thank you!

 Teflon™ is a trademark of THE CHEMOURS COMPANY FC, LLC used under license by Applied Plastics Technology, Inc.

PTFE Valve Seat CMM inspection

APT's CMM inspects a Virgin PTFE Ball Valve Seat