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Teflon™ PTFE Ball Specs

Teflon™ PTFE Balls available from Applied Plastics Technology, Inc. are typically Grade 2, Matte finish.

APT manufactures solid PTFE balls in sizes ranging from 1/8" to 8" diameter (Large sizes are possible).  For more information, please use our "Request A Quote" form indicating the desired size(s) and quantities. We will contact you as soon as possible with pricing, minimum purchase quantity and availability. In stock PTFE Balls can be purchased by placing a credit card order via the telephone.

A comparison of ball Grades and Finishes is shown below. APT's balls are solid, compression molded PTFE. Balls made from compression molded stock have more consistent properties than balls produced from extruded rod.

Note: As the ball diameter increases, both the tolerance range & TIR increases above the typical values shown in this table. Please call us to discuss additional information specific to various ball sizes. Special requests for sizes, tolerances and/or roundness not specified in this table may be available. Please use our "Request A Quote" form, email us or call us at (401) 253-0200.

Ball Grades
Grade 0:  Plus/Minus .0005 Roundness .00025 TIR
Grade 1:  Plus /Minus .001 Roundness .0005 TIR
Grade 2:  Plus/Minus .002 Roundness .001 TIR  (APT's Standard Grade)
Grade 3:  Plus/Minus .005 Roundness .005 TIR

Standard Surface Finishes
Avg. Roughness, Ra, µin
Tumbled: 50 to 60
Matte: 40 to 50 (APT's Standard Finish)
Polished: 25 to 35
High Polished: 10 to 20

Materials include: Virgin PTFE and a variety of compounds on a custom order basis.

Custom colors are available. Virgin PTFE material is generally white (slightly off white), but color can be custom blended (prior to molding) to aid in part identication or for other ornamental purposes. Colored PTFE generally exhibits the color of the type of filler added.  PTFE Compounds with color include white or red glass, molybdenum disulfide (gray), stainless steel (brown), carbon/graphite (black), bronze, etc..

 Teflon™ is a trademark of THE CHEMOURS COMPANY FC, LLC used under license by Applied Plastics Technology, Inc.


 Virgin Grade PTFE Balls
Virgin grade PTFE Balls




Blue PTFE Balls (pigment added)



Stainless Steel Filled-PTFE Balls