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Teflon ® PTFE Labware - Custom Machining Examples

PTFE, Modified PTFE, & Other Engineering Plastics
Wafer & Specimen Dippers, Containers, Autoclave Liners, Process Vessels, Custom Parts

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PTFE dippers with removable hanging bars
Custom perforated sampling baskets with hanging bars
PTFE dipper custom designed for Pyrex dish
Wafer dipper is sized for glass dish
PTFE wafer dipper in Pyrex beaker
Customized for glass beaker
Modified PTFE dippers for small wafers
Outside diameter of dipper is approx. 2".
PTFE dipper for 4 inch wafer
Dipper can be sized to suit wafer.

Above:  PTFE Wafer & Specimen Dippers in a variety of custom sizes and designs.

PTFE liners for autoclave reactor
PTFE Liners for autoclaves & reactors
    PTFE Silver Strip Suspension Cradle APT-2013-1085
Above:PTFE Liners for Autoclaves or Reactors, PTFE Silver Strip Suspension Cradle for ASTM-D7671
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Modified PTFE processing or storage container, 21 liter capacity
Custom vessel fabricated from modified PTFE (NXT 85)
PTFE container and loose fit cover, 13 liter capacity
Loose covered container for a variety of lab uses. 13 liter capacity. Custom sizes are made to order.
PTFE mold for casting sample specimens
Custom Casting Mold custom machined from PTFE. Custom sizes and cavity arrangements are made to order.

Above:  Modified PTFE Vessel - 21 Liters, PTFE Container & Cover - 13 Liters, PTFE Casting Mold

PTFE Adapter for Tank to Pipe transition
Custom fabricated pipe flange adapter, 4.0" to 1.5"
PTFE Reaction Vessel for laboratory research
Small vessel for laboratory use. Loose fitting cover.
RFID Tag Housing, leak-tight for harsh environment
Liquid-tight PTFE housing protects RFID tag in harsh environment.
PTFE Reducing Adapter
PTFE pipe adapter reduces from 1.5" NPT to 0.75" NPT

Above:  Custom PTFE Pipe Flange Adapter, Small Reaction Vessel & Cover, RFID Housing (Leak-tight), Adapter

PTFE acid trap for laboratory process
PTFE acid trap for laboratory collection
PTFE mixing vessel for fluid processing application
PTFE mixing cylinder for fluid processing application

Above:  PTFE Acid Trap, PTFE mixing cylinder with NPT fitting

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