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A PTFE compound that is a blend of virgin PTFE and glass fiber & carbon fillers.

The primary fillers are added to increase resistance to deformation under load. Permanent deformation will be reduced to one half that of virgin PTFE.

The addition of these fillers will also reduce bearing wear by a factor of 1000 in comparison with virgin grade PTFE.
APTLON 21 Ball Valve Seats

Material Properties:

Specific Gravity: 2.15-2.18
Tensile Strength: 2300-2800 psi
Elongation: 200%

Note: The property data offered represents average values obtained on laboratory test samples. Values listed are high limits. Properties may vary based upon processing technique. Data should be used only as a guide in selecting the appropriate compound. Actual performance will be affected by processing methods as well as end use service conditions.


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APTLON Carbon and Glass Filled-PTFE