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A PTFE compound that is blend of virgin PTFE and a combination of glass fiber & molybdenum disulfide fillers.

The primary fillers are glass fibers and a metallic element added to increase resistance to deformation under load, and to increase strength and wear resistance.
APTLON 110 molded shapes

Material Properties:

Tensile Strength: 2200-2800 psi
Elongation: 200%
Specific Gravity: 2.23-2.28
Hardness, Shore D: 57-60
Deformation: 2.0 - 4.0% (24 hr, 78 deg. F, 2000 psi)
Water Absorption: 0%
Coefficient of Friction: .08 -.10 (dry, static)
Coefficient of Friction: .15 -.27 (dry, dynamic)

Note: The property data offered represents average values obtained on laboratory test samples. Values listed are high limits. Properties may vary based upon processing technique. Data should be used only as a guide in selecting the appropriate compound. Actual performance will be affected by processing methods as well as end use service conditions.

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APTLON 110 Molybdenum and Glass filled-PTFE Parts