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PTFE Molding

APT's dependable Teflon™ PTFE compression molding presses were custom designed for the particular molding characteristics of PTFE resins. Our presses produce high quality preforms that yield finished parts with consistent mechanical properties throughout the material lot.

Our automatic PTFE compression molding equipment, with operational ranges from 10 to 300 tons of pressure, provides us with the capability to mold parts from 1/16” thick to *24” long (*utilizing a modified PTFE fusion technique).

APT's PTFE compression molding tooling is custom designed in-house. Higher volume molding projects leverage cost savings obtained through the use of molded nearnet shapes. Nearnet shapes minimize the amount of excess material required to obtain a finished piece and subsequently reduce machining time. Time & material savings are ultimately compared to the initial cost of tooling to determine a volume level that supports a custom tool.

APT's PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) molding processes include:

  • Automatic Pre-forming of PTFE Near Net Shapes
  • PTFE Automatic Compression Molding: Material Blanks & Dimensionally Finished “As Molded” Parts
  • Multi-Cavity Tools for increased molding efficiency
  • High Purity PTFE Molding for special applications
  • Modified PTFE Fusion Fabrication (Note: This process is different from hot gas welding)
  • Modified PTFE fusion process is best applied to cylindrical shapes such as custom containers and vessel liners & sleeves.
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 Teflon™ is a trademark of THE CHEMOURS COMPANY FC, LLC used under license by Applied Plastics Technology, Inc.

PTFE preforms awaiting sintering

Virgin grade PTFE tubes, near net blanks and molded plates await sintering.