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CNC Machining of Custom Parts

APT's skilled machinists have the knowledge & experience required to machine precision Teflon™ PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) parts & other advanced engineering plastic components.

Materials we regularly machine include virgin grade and modified PTFE, PTFE compounds (filled PTFE), PCTFE (also known as Kel-F®), Acetal, UHMW-PE, Nylon, ULTEM and Torlon PAI. 

Machined Plastic Parts made to your drawing specifications.

Over 38 years of CNC Machining experience along with strict Quality Control insure the best quality Teflon™ PTFE and engineering plastic parts delivered on time. Our 24-7 climate controlled machine shop includes the following precision machining equipment:

  • Mazak CNC Turning Centers & Multi-Tasking Machines
  • Haas & Citizen CNC Lathes
  • Mazak Vertical Machining Center
  • J&L Turrets
  • Bridgeport Milling Machines
  • Engine Lathes
  • Double-disc grinding, honing, bonding, tapping, vibratory tumbling
  • Etching, annealing, stamping, and other processing centers

Precision Plastics Machining

CNC Turning

PTFE CNC Turning

CNC Turn-Mill Machining

Multi / 5-Axis Machining

Valve Body for Industrial CustomerExample - Custom Machined PTFE Part

APT's Mazak Integrex J-200 and Integrex 200-IV ST are excellent for turn-mill, multi-axis part production of Teflon™ PTFE and a variety of engineering plastics. These CNC machines provide precision turning along with angular milling, drilling & tapping and are ready to machine your custom parts. The 200-IV ST has a 26 inch maximum machining diameter.

Call us today at (800) 752-7082 to discuss your made-to-order part or use our "Request A Quote" form to present your inquiry details.

 Teflon™ is a trademark of THE CHEMOURS COMPANY FC, LLC used under license by Applied Plastics Technology, Inc.
The commonly known Kel-F® brand of PCTFE, a registered trademark of 3M, is no longer manufactured.

Machined Plastic Parts
Above: Examples of  plastic components made to customer specifications. Materials shown include Teflon™ PTFE, PCTFE, glass filled-PTFE, NXT 85 modified PTFE, carbon & glass filled-PTFE.

PTFE Valve Seat CNC Machining

Teflon™ PTFE Valve Seat in process on one of our Mazak Turning Centers


APT optical inspection of Torlon part

Torlon Valve Seat undergoes optical inspection on our Keyence IM-6120 measurement system.