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High Purity PTFE Molding

APT's Clean Molding Room Minimizes The Introduction Of Impurities During Teflon™ PTFE Compression Molding

APT's clean molding room is utilized when at PTFE purity level is required for demanding scientific & industrial applications. Our clean procedures along with clean garbed molding technicians keep impurities out of our molded stock.

While our everyday PTFE molding standards strive to minimize processing introduced impurities, such as carbon based contaminants, the molding area shown here allow us to offer you a higher level of clean. Should you have particular demands, we can work with you to define the clean protocols that will be implemented during the stock molding of your PTFE part order. This clean molding uses our semi-manual molding process and is limited by our press & mold capacities.

APT's involvement with High Energy Physics projects that use sensitive detectors containing PTFE parts,  gave us an opportunity to establish clean processing procedures that met their demand for a low background material. One project was EXO, a particle physics experiment looking for neutrinoless double beta decay. 

In the case of PTFE compression molding, the first step in the defense against dirty stock is to start with a clean PTFE resin and keep it that way. One such very clean resin is Chemours' (formerly DuPont) NXT grade of modified Teflon® PTFE. This resin has been tested and known to have low intrinsic concentrations of radio impurities. 

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Left: Material is handled & mold filled beneath the laminar flow bench. Right: Soft-sided clean room setup for molding rod stock for a sensitive application.
Laminar flow bench provides a near zero particle count under the work area (monitored with a laser particle counter).

What defines "clean" for your application?

Give APT's Sales & Engineering staff a call to discuss your requirements or use our "Request A Quote" form.

For most commercial & industrial applications our daily PTFE molding practices will fulfill your requirements. For sensitive applications, we'll be happy to quote the additional steps we can take to deliver extra clean PTFE.

Clean part handling options are available including: Ultrasonic cleaning, OCC cleaning, clean packaging & labeling.

 Teflon™ is a trademark of THE CHEMOURS COMPANY FC, LLC used under license by Applied Plastics Technology, Inc.

Inside APT's Soft-sided Clean Room

Above: Clean room within a clean molding room - An epoxy floor, stainless steel surfaces and HEPA filtration help us stay clean.

APT's stainless steel-lined PTFE sintering oven is in an adjacent room.
This oven is dedicated to virgin and modified grades of PTFE.