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Modified PTFE - Fused Fabrications

Fusing  Modified Teflon™ PTFE is sometimes possible.

(Teflon™ NXT 85 PTFE, or other Modified PTFE such as Dyneon TFM 1600)

Important Note: APT does not fabricate square or rectangular tanks or other fabrications using hot gas plastic welding techniques such as speed tip welding.  APT's fusing process is best applied to cylindrical forms such as containers and open PTFE tubes.

Custom fused Modified PTFE components can be created for some industrial & research applications.  APT welcomes inquiries from Universities & the Scientific Community. We have found that every project is unique.  Each part requires a detailed review to determine if our material fusing method could be effectively utilized to obtain the desired end product.

Fusing can sometimes reduce the amount of required stock, and subsequently reduce cost if the labor of the fusion is cheaper than the stock eliminated. In some cases, using our fusing techniques allows us to create a vessel or component that would otherwise be impractical or impossible to make from a solid molded blank.

Fusing Modified PTFE for specialized applications:

Modified PTFE Process CylinderThe example shown at the right shows (3) hollow cylinders that were custom fabricated for a research lab utilizing a fusion method developed by APT.

These cylinders were fabricated from 2 separate pieces that were fused togther and then finish machined.  Each was inspected with an ultrasonic flaw detector and pressurized lightly to test the integrity of the fused seams.  A custom machined tapered plug is used to seal each cylinder.

Similar fabrication techniques can be used to create cylindrical PTFE containers of various sizes and configurations when machining from a solid stock form isn't possible. Please call us to discuss your application requirements.


Modified PTFE Tank - 9.5 Liter Capacity:

Modified PTFE Process Tank

The custom, thick walled tank above was fabricated using APT's proprietary Modified PTFE fusing process.  The interior of the tank was machined prior to fusing so that it has the same rounded form as the exterior shape. A 2.5" NPT plug allows access for cleaning.  The opposite end is solid and could accommodate multiple NPT port connections.  Note:  PTFE vessels should not be pressurized due to material creep that occurs.  Extended periods of elevated pressure can cause the threaded cover to release.  Intermittent low pressure (~ 5 psi max.) is allowable for fluid transfer purposes.  A vent plug must be installed for safety considerations.

Modified PTFE Storage Container - 21 Liter Capacity:

Modified PTFE Container, 21 Liter

Above is an example of a Modified PTFE storage vessel.  A double O-ring arrangement insures a seal with varying thermal expansion & contraction.  The lower O-ring also keeps potential contamination from entering the threaded region of the container.  This particular cover has a 1/4" NPT port at center that could be used for a fill or vent tube.  Other NPT taps could be located to suit a particular application.  The side wall of these types of containers can be made thick enough to accommodate 1/4" or 3/8" NPT.


These are examples of some of the made-to-order, specialized containers & process vessels we've made using Teflon NXT 85 Modified PTFE.  They are not items we stock.  Lead time for these types of items is fairly long.  Please call us for more information.



Thin wall tube at left was machined from fused sections of NXT 85 Modified PTFE.


A dime is shown in the photo to provide a scale reference.

Custom Teflon™ NXT 85 Modified PTFE cylinders CNC machined from fused, compression molded tube sections.