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PCTFE Transfer Molding

In addition to PTFE compression molding, APT transfer molds PCTFE.  We generally mold the Daikin Neoflon M-400H resin.

Molded shapes are then machined into finished parts made to your specifications.  

Unlike PTFE compression molding, PCTFE transfer molding is a hot process.  Resin is compacted in a mold, and then the "charge" is heated to a specific temperature and held for a predetermined time based on the molded shape geometry.  The melted resin is placed back under pressure and allowed to slowly cool before the molded shape is removed from its mold.

APT molds a variety of basic shapes such as rods and tubes.  We also mold near net shapes for some applications where the part quantity justifies the cost of the specialized tooling.  PCTFE resin is quite expensive.  Savings from waste reduction and reduced machining time can be realized fairly quickly to offset the initial cost of tooling.

Contact APT sales and engineering to discuss your application. We might have a an existing mold close to your required stock size.


Refer to our PCTFE Properties page for more information about this material.

Call us today at (800) 752-7082 to discuss your made-to-order PCTFE part or use our "Request A Quote" form to present your inquiry details.

PCTFE Molded Rods

PCTFE molded stock shapes are ready to be machined into finished parts.

PCTFE blanks molded in-house will be machined into cryogenic valve seats.