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PCTFE is well suited for cryogenic parts such as ball valve seats & seals. APT typically molds and machines the Daikin Neoflon M-400H grade of PCTFE.

PCTFE is a tough, durable fluoroplastic that exhibits unique physical and mechanical properties:

  • Stress-crack resistance
  • High mechanical strength and low shrinkage rate at low temperatures providing excellent stability for valve seats.
  • Excellent stability at low temperatures
  • Good machining properties
  • Excellent chemical resistance to all inorganic corrosive liquids
  • Practically zero moisture absorption
  • Excellent electrical properties maintained in high humidity conditions
  • Maximum temperature for continuous use: 248 F (120 C)
  • Melting point: Approx. 410 F
  • These characteristics are maintained over a working range of
    -400 deg. F to 248 deg. F (-240 deg. C to 120 deg. C).

PCTFE M-400H Material Properties:

Compressive Strength (D-695): 5000-5500 psi
Tensile Strength (D-638): 4800-5300 psi
Elongation: 100 - 200%
Flexural Strength (D-790): 9000 - 10,000 psi
Hardness, Shore D: D90

Properties listed are general ranges. Actual properties may vary based on material lot and processing.

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The commonly known Kel-F® brand of PCTFE, a registered trademark of 3M, is no longer manufactured.

Note: The property data offered represents average values obtained on laboratory test samples. Values listed are high limits. Properties may vary based upon processing technique and temperature. Data should be used only as a guide in selecting the appropriate compound. Actual performance will be affected by processing methods as well as end use service conditions.

PCTFE machined parts

PCTFE Parts, Cryogenic Valve Seats and Seals

PCTFE Molded Stock Ring

PCTFE molded near net blanks ready for machining. PCTFE is used as a seat and seal material for cryogenic applications such as liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen handling.