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PTFE Compounds

PTFE compounds:  PTFE compounded with glass fibers, mineral, 316 stainless steel, bronze, carbon, graphite, molybdenum disulfide, & other blended combinations are available. Fillers are compounded with the base virgin PTFE resin for improved high-wear resistance, toughness, thermal stability and other tailor-made properties.  Fillers are added as a percentage of weight typically starting as low as a few percent up to 50%.

Pigmented PTFE:  PTFE fillers can be added in small amounts to create color (speckles) for easier part identification purposes. Colored PTFE parts are easier to distinguish particularly if you have similar sized parts with identical features. Colored parts can help reduce errors during production assembly and field servicing units containing a PTFE component.

APT has our own family of APTLON™ PTFE compounds (filled-PTFE) for superior properties & performance.

PTFE compounds including:

  • APTLON 21 - A PTFE compound that is a blend of virgin PTFE and glass fiber & carbon fillers.
  • APTLON 61 - A PTFE compound that is a blend of virgin PTFE and a red glass filler.
  • APTLON 110 - A PTFE compound that is blend of virgin PTFE and a combination of glass fiber & molybdenum disulfide fillers.

Other PTFE compounds include:

316 Stainless Steel filled PTFE
Bronze filled PTFE

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Blue speckled PTFE.  Color has been added to virgin grade PTFE for easy finished part identification.