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PTFE Near Net Shapes

Teflon™ PTFE Compression Molded Near Net Shapes

Improve Production Efficiency, Reduce the Cost of Finished Parts & Reduce scrap for a greener process.

APT utilizes compression molded PTFE near net molded shapes as stock for CNC machined parts whenever desired order quantities are large enough to yield a positive savings for our customers. Initial setup costs are offset by material & machining time savings and the benefits extend to repeated orders. Quicker turn around for on-time delivery, particularly for short notice orders, becomes possible since tooling is on hand and ready for production.

APT has the capability to compression mold Teflon™ PTFE, Modified PTFE & other fluoropolymer powders to various degrees of finished form to best meet the requirements of the final part. Shapes range from blank rough stock disks, blocks, rods & tubes, to “near net shapes” and parts automatically molded complete to finished dimensions (no additional machining is required).

The following two examples illustrate the cost savings, reduction of scrap, and overall increased production efficiency obtained by utilizing a compression molded near net shape versus solid rod as the machining stock for the finished part. 

Example #1: PTFE Part machined from rod stock

PTFE Part from Rod Stock

  1. Scrap volume created during machining is approximately 80% of material stock.
  2. Cost of Rod Stock is 3 to 4 times greater than the cost of molding powder.
  3. Cost of scrap is approximately 6 to 7 times greater than the scrap created machining a near net shape.
    (Finished part shown at the right side of above image)

Example #2: PTFE Part machined from a Near Net Molded Shape

PTFE Part machined from a near net molded shape

  1. Reduce cost & waste using a PTFE Near Net Shape compression molded from powder.
  2. Scrap volume created during finish machining of the near net shape is approx. 4 x less than that created from machining solid extruded rod stock.
  3. Cost of molded blank is approx. *30% of solid rod stock.
Contact us today to discuss your application.  We'll review your annual volume & determine a cost effective approach to your PTFE part production.
*Amortization of tooling costs is not presented here.

Above: Near net molded PTFE blanks are approximately the form & size of the finished part.