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Modified PTFE

Teflon™ NXT 85 PTFE: Ultra-Pure & Improved Properties over Virgin Grade PTFE for Demanding Applications

Modified PTFE is a chemically modified version of PTFE that has new capabilities in addition to the property characteristics consistent with virgin PTFE material.

Modified PTFE - NXT 85 Valve Body

Modified PTFE has these new or improved characteristics over standard PTFE:

  • Part surfaces are smoother, and less porous - components stay clean since they are less likely to trap contaminants
  • Low micro-void content yields improved permeation resistance
  • Longer flex life than PTFE
  • Increased stiffness & improved creep resistance
  • Higher dielectric strength yields superior high-voltage insulation
  • Fusible / Weldable (Utilizing various heat welding techniques with moderate pressure)
  • Examples of Containers & Tubes created using APT's Modified PTFE Fusing & Machining Processes

NXT 85 Modified PTFE properties at a glance:

Tensile Strength: 4000-4500 psi
Elongation at Break: 400-450%
Specific Gravity: ~2.16 - 2.18
Dielectric Strength, 76.2 um (.003 in) Film: 208 kV/mm (5,200 V/.001 in)

Click on this link for more information about Chemours (formerly DuPont) Teflon™ NXT 85 modified PTFE resin.

Note: The property data offered represents average values obtained on laboratory test samples. Values listed are high limits. Properties may vary based upon processing technique and temperature. Data should be used only as a guide in selecting the appropriate compound. Actual performance will be affected by processing methods as well as end use service conditions.

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